In communication media, broadband is a wide and high speed of the data transmission with an ability and capacity, many kinds of multiplesignals and traffic types. The electric communication can be use pace-net able, radio, glasses fiber, or twisted pair. The Internet context is used to going on high speed internet more high- speed. That’s way you should use always on faster than traditional dial-up broadband



Contradistinctive principal for “broad band” have been postedin different contexts and basis times. It is radio system engineering as well as WI fi connections; origin is in physics and acoustics. Wherever it used to similar meaning of pace-net broad band. The digital telecommunications is use very easily use and the term is mainly use for transmission over multiple channels. Broadband is very higher frequency digital contradistinctive. Broadband signal is higher frequency to others data service. It has lots of ram power which is use in pace-net services. It is very faster signal channel. In the 1990s the term was popularized in the marketing and internet access and it was faster than others. The similarly internet technology limits to 58kbit/s. It is related to original technical meaning.

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Broadband Plans

Normal Plans
BandwidthChargesDownload LimitValidity
256 Kbps500/-Unlimited30 Days
1 Mbps(512Kbps post 10GB)750/-Unlimited30 Days
1 Mbps1000/-Unlimited30 days
2 Mbps1800/-Unlimited30 days
3 Mbps3000/-Unlimited30 days
4 Mbps4000/-Unlimited30 days
5 Mbps5000/-Unlimited30 days
Limited Usage Plans
BandwidthChargesDownload LimitValidity
1 Mbps500/-7GB30 Days
4 Mbps1000/-14GB30 Days
5 Mbps1399/-16GB30 Days
6 Mbps1899/-24GB30 Days